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With standard project management, engineering and so on, LD operates on a world-wide basis and produce high-quality, technically advanced injection moulds.

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Interior, exterior, engine cooling, lighting, chair system and…….

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Dental equipment, inspection equipment, test tube stand and …….

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Electronics Precision

Audio accessory, DVD panel, remoter control and …….

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House Hold & Packaging

Refrigerator box, trash box, plastic pallet and…….

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Our Factory

LD is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of plastic injection mould. LD have always pushed developments forward and set benchmarks in automotive、high precision and 2k moulds and others.

Project management, manufacturing and engineering capabilities including project management solution, product design, development, tooling, and prototyping, material selection, manufacturing make LD does a good job in mould industrial and have much to its credit.

New technologies, time after time, to achieve maximum performance. To ensure decisive competitive advantage through constant knowing from work and innovation, this is how we support our customers. To add to all this, a solid international sales and service network ensures that our expertise and services are available around the world.

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Products Cases

Here are our best molding cases, our design engineers are here to provide you with a design for manufacture service to ensure your product are always suitable for a plastic product. And we can provide you the highest quality mould at competitive prices.

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