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Requirements for Fixture in CNC Machiining

CNC Machining characteristics of the fixture put forward two basic requirements: first, to ensure that the coordinates of the fixture and the direction of the machine tool coordinate direction are relatively fixed. The second requirement is to coordinate parts and machine tool coordinate system dimensional relationship. In addition, we should consider the following points:

1. When the parts processing is not large, we should try to use modular fixture, adjustable fixture, and other general fixture to shorten the production preparation time and save production costs.

2. In the mass production, you can only consider the use of special fixture, and strive for simple structure.

3. The loading and unloading of parts should be fast, convenient and reliable to shorten the stop time of machine tools.

4. Fixture parts should not prevent the machine tool on the surface of each part of the processing, that is, the fixture to open, and its positioning, clamping elements can not affect the processing of the cutter.